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Say hello to Generational Health with the only Fitness NFT you'll ever need.

EVRFIT is a collection of 8,888 powerful NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain.
Each EVRFIT NFT grants you exclusive access to professional/celebrity workouts, products, and an active community of fitness lovers, exercise enthusiasts, and strong-minded individuals motivating one another as they pursue their fitness goals and maintain healthy lifestyles.

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Enjoy hours of content from the following providers by owning an EVRFIT NFT!

"What makes EVRFIT NFTs so special?"
Professional Workouts
Premium workout videos from professional and celebrity instructors plus self-guided fitness programs.
Recipes & Nutrition Guides
Recipes, Nutrition Guides, and Meal Plan Blueprints based on your diet goals.
IRL Product Benefits
Enjoy special discounts (and free giveaways) to the EVRFIT Shop and other related brands.
Interact with like-minded, healthy, and motivated fitness enthusiasts in our members-only Discord Channels.
People can't wait to mint their EVRFIT NFT.
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1 NFT. Fitness Forever.

Sure, you could pay hundreds of dollars every year for some other program or membership...or you could pay jjust one time for your NFT and get lifetime access to everything we ever do...FOREVER.

“NFT projects with only a roadmap and ideas can get tiresome after a while. This is why we've built a working high-quality platform that EVRFIT holders can enjoy instantly at mint!
How many other NFT projects can say the same? We're even offering samples of our service for FREE to show we've put the work in and give minters confidence in their purchase."

Nate Trillo
Founder of EVRFIT
0.05 ETH
One-Time | Per NFT
Professional & Celebrity Workouts
Recipes / Nutrition Guides
IRL Product Discounts

EVRFIT strives to establish an all-in-one community platform for curated fitness, health, and wellness experiences.
While we take great pride in the INSTANT UTILITY we've made available prior to mint, we are also excited at what's to come thanks to the generous support of our community!

Completed / Available Now
Features completed:
Access to hours of videos from our partners at Sweat Factor including strength, HIIT, cardio, yoga, and more available anytime, anywhere!
MyPTHub x EVRFIT Mobile App with self-guided workouts and goal tracking features
Discounts, Vouchers, and Referrals to Fitness, Health, and Wellness Brands
Published EVRFIT Apparel and Supplements available now
30% SOLD
Features completed:
Production of EVRFIT Original Content (Workouts, Cooking, Programs)
Further manufacturing and marketing of EVRFIT's apparel and supplement line
Enter a collaborative license agreement with premium fitness content providers partnered with Wexer for a minimum of 2 years, granting all holders access to fitness and wellness content from the likes of Sweat Factor, Cyberobics, LA30, BOXX, Zumba, Move123, and many more
50% SOLD
Features completed:
Development of our fully custom-branded mobile app with additional fitness SDK/API integrations from partners to provide upgraded user experiences
Features completed:
Development of a native marketplace for trainers, coaches, and influencers to launch their own programs powered by EVRFIT
Continuous partnerships with fitness experts, health professionals, and "fitfluencers"
Entry into the web3 world of "Move-to-Earn" rewarding ecosystems

Frequently Asked Questions

Trusted by thousands of organizations across the globe

What is EVRFIT and what is an EVRFIT NFT?

EVRFIT NFTs are the #1 Fitness PFP Collection focused on establishing an all-in-one community platform for curated fitness, health, and wellness experiences.

How many NFTs will there be?

8,888. There will never be more than 8,888 EVRFIT NFTs...ever.

Once they are all minted, the only way for someone to access our programs is to buy an NFT from a holder or pay $30 on a monthly-subscription basis.

What blockchain will EVRFIT NFTs be on?

EVRFIT NFTs will be on Ethereum blockchain.

When is mint?

Summer 2022, currently slated for Late June / Early July.

What type of smart contract will EVRFIT use?


How can I get whitelisted?

We at EVRFIT use the term "weightlisted" and you can easily get WL in just 2 minutes here.

Do I need to download anything to access EVRFIT?

You are not required to download any mobile or desktop apps in order to access the EVRFIT dashboard. All you need is a web browser.

However, we recommend downloading both the EVRFIT mobile app as well as the MyPTHub app to access everything and make the most of your EVRFIT member experience.

What devices can I access EVRFIT with?

EVRFIT is available on both desktop and mobile so you can access EVRFIT anytime anywhere

What equipment do I need?

We have plenty of bodyweight workouts and even an entire 6-week program that does not require any additional equipment. However, we recommend beginners to have access to a reliable set of dumbbells to experience great results from our programs.

Is the founder doxxed?

Yes, very much so actually.
EVRFIT is founded by Nate Trillo, NFT influencer turned full-time founder of EVERFYRE LLC.

What is EVERFYRE in relation to EVRFIT?

EVERFYRE LLC. is the Web3 company founded by Nate Trillo launching real-world utility NFTs collections in multiple market sectors including but not limited to fitness, music, restaurants, film, and more. EVERFYRE's Genesis collection minted in February 2022.

EVRFIT is the first of many projects to be launched under EVERFYRE.

As with all future projects launched by EVERFYRE, EVERFYRE Genesis NFT holders will have the exclusive opportunity to mint EVRFIT NFTs for free.

Interested in joining the team?

EVRFIT is looking to build even stronger with strong team players:

• Community Leaders
• Influencers (Fitness and/or NFT)
• Discord Moderators
• Brand Ambassadors
• Nutritionists
• Coaches / Trainers

Want to join the team or have a partnership/collaboration idea? Fill out this form and we will get back to you ASAP!

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